Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil (Variable Sizes)

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Apricot Kernel Oil is cold expeller-pressed from the seed of the Apricot fruit and then refined. It is similar to Sweet Almond Oil, yet very light and easily absorbed by the skin. It is smooth, lightweight and high in vitamin A and minerals, and it contains 34% Linoleic Acid. It also contains the highest content of nitrilosides (also known as vitamin B-17 or laetrile) in the plant world.

It is good for all skin types, but preferred by many practitioners for prematurely aged skin and skin that is dry and/or irritated. It is a very popular body oil, since it does not leave an oil film on the skin.

A European study showed that the skin looses more water when it has low levels of Linoleic Acid (an Omega 6 essential fatty acid) present in its tissue. There also seems to be a link between low Linoleic Acid and the formation of acne. For these reasons, Apricot Kernel Oil is recommended for mature, dry and acne skin.

Aromaland adds additional plant-derived Vitamin E Oil to increase shelf life, enhance its properties and provide additional nourishment for the skin.

Soap Making
Apricot Kernel Oil brings to soap making the same qualities as Sweet Almond Oil - great skin nourishment and good lathering qualities.

Composition of Apricot Kernel Oil:

  • Oleic Acid 58-74%
  • Linoleic Acid 20-34%
  • Palmitic Acid 4-7%
  • Unsaponifiables 0.5-0.7%

  • (Quoted from S. Parker, A study of lipids. Proportions may vary due to the plant-based nature of the product).

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