Hemp Seed Oil - Internally Stabilized (Variable Sizes)

Hemp Seed Oil - Internally Stabilized (Variable Sizes)

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Internally Stabilized Hemp Seed Oil

Through a natural tecnique that makes oils and butters more resistant to oxidation and degradation resulting in a longer shelf life for cosmetic products.

Core Benefits:

  • No degradation products in the formulations
  • Clean lipids avoiding flocculation problems
  • Providing antimicrobial properties and other benefits
  • Cost benefits avoiding external addition of antioxidants and antimicrobial agents

Internal Stabilization:

The researchers at International Cosmetics Science Centre (ICSC) have developed the natural and groundbreaking technique to make all vegetable oils and butters highly resistant to oxidation and general degradation. This methodology stabilizes the oils and butters internally, using the natural antioxidant properties of rosemary. This unique proprietary method has been coined as “Internal Stabilization” (I.S.)

It is the result of a fully controlled production process. Right from the selection of the seeds through the expelling, protecting the oil from any heat damage and finally during the refining process, where conditions are chosen that minimize the loss of the natural antioxidants present in the oil. We also add rosemary during the production process to improve the protection of the oil during the critical production steps.

Totally arresting oxidation and thus avoiding development of degradation products, which react with the skin. This also avoids flocculation problems in formulations.

Using in-house developed processes, oils & exotic butters can be ‘Internally Stabilized’ using natural herb extracts.

The internally stabilized products have no additional odor & flavor.

In conclusion, using Internally Stabilized exotic butters and oils, has a number of additional benefits, not just for food formulations, but also for cosmetic products, such as:

  • Prolonged shelf-life of the cosmetic products they are used in
  • Strong antimicrobial properties, which can reduce the amount of chemical preservatives in the final formulation of the skincare product
  • Strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties
  • No need to add antioxidants in the formulations of the cosmetic product
  • Adds more “natural” label to your product


Q & A

Q: Can any oil and butter be stabilized?
A: Yes, any lipid material can be Internally Stabilized, extending lifecycle manifold

Q: Can Internally Stabilized products be used in all formulations?
A: Yes

Q: Does it affect the INCI name, etc.?
A: No, as the technology is applied as a processing aid and no additives oils are used after production of the oils / butters

Q: Do you still need tocopherols or can it be totally avoided?
A: Internally Stabilized lipids when used in formulations will not require addition of antioxidants such as tocopherols. Thus, eliminating extra stops and providing cost benefits

Q: How expensive are the Internally Stabilized Oils/Butters?
A: These are 40% more expensive than conventional products

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