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Spirit Diffuser - Goddess

Goddess Aromatherapy Diffuser

$12.00 - $68.00
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These carefully crafted passive ceramic diffusers are delightful little touches to your home or office. A velcro point at the back of the unglazed figurine lets you attach and remove it with ease. A hollow in the figurine holds the essential oil as it absorbs into the clay.

Each spirit comes with a 4ml.(1/8oz.) Goddess Essential Oil Blend. Nurture the goddess within you with this rich essential oil blend of jasmine, rosewood, patchouli, rose geranium, may chang, bergamot and muhuhu combined to honor the female essence.

The goddess symbolizes fertility, nourishment and abundance, calling us to listen to our intuition and to respect the Wise Woman's way of knowing. She relates to the earliest spiritual practice of attuning with the way of nature.

Feature Highlights:

  • Passive aromatherapy diffuser.
  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • Velcro dot for easy attachment.
  • Nice gift item.
  • Comes ready-to-go with 4ml.(1/8oz.) of Aromaland Goddess Essential Oil Blend.