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Spirit Diffuser - Buddha

Buddha Aromatherapy Diffuser

$12.00 - $68.00
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These carefully crafted passive ceramic diffusers are delightful little touches to your home or office. A velcro point at the back of the unglazed figurine lets you attach and remove it with ease. A hollow in the figurine holds the essential oil as it absorbs into the clay.

Each spirit comes with a 4ml.(1/8oz.) Buddha Essential Oil Blend that is strong, bright, and cheerful - like a moment of full-hearted laughter. Made from pure essential oils of orange, pine needle, ho leaf, frankincense, patchouli and cistus. This is an enlightening blend!

The Hotei, or laughing buddha, is a form of Future Buddha Maitreya. The name means friendly or one who laughs at fate and whose obesity contains the wisdom of the universe. May this ceramic Hotei and the special essential oil blend fill your daily life with laughter and wisdom.

Feature Highlights:

  • Passive aromatherapy diffuser.
  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • Velcro dot for easy attachment.
  • Nice gift item.
  • Comes ready-to-go with 4ml.(1/8oz.) of Aromaland Buddha Essential Oil Blend.