If you are an individual consumer, please continue to the account page to create your online store account.

You will not qualify for a wholesale account. To create an account or login, click here

Do I qualify as a wholesale customer?

To qualify as an official Aromaland wholesale customer you must either be a retailer or use our products in a professional practice. Retailers must have a Sales/Use Tax Resale Permit or Business License from their jurisdiction. If this applies to you and/or your business, please fill out the information below for a wholesale account.

How to Apply:

Please send an email to customerservice@aromaland.com with the below information.

Full Name
Email Address you wish to be on the account
Name of Company
Website URL (if available)
Full Mailing Address
Full Billing Address (if different from above)
Copy of Sales/Use Tax Resale Permit or Business License from their jurisdiction (Can also fax to 505-438-7223)

Once you complete the above, your account will be sent to the Aromaland Wholesale department for approval. Once approved you will receive an email from us stating your application was approved.You will then be able to use your login information chosen during registration to access the Aromaland online store with special access to wholesale pricing&and online ordering system.&Most qualified customers will be approved within 24 hours.