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Aromaland Shampoo and Conditioner Gift Set

Aromaland Shampoo and Conditioner Gift Set


Aromaland shampoo and conditioner combines nicely in this little caddy to make a great gift for anyone who wants natural haircare products.

  • Aromaland Shampoo - Plant-based ingredients normalize oil production, enhance circulation, and support the health of your hair and scalp. Nutritious coconut ingredients gently cleanse and nourish your hair. A complete vitamin B complex is added and creates beautifully smooth hair that is full of radiance.
  • Aromaland Conditioner -Restore smooth, lively hair with this easy 3-minute treatment Aromatherapy+ Conditioner.  Meanwhile, rejuvenate the mind with genuine aromatherapy. The essential oils help bring your hair, scalp, and senses in harmonious balance with nature.  Aromaland natural hair conditioners are formulated for all hair types.

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