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Aromaland Fitness Gift Set

Aromaland Fitness Gift Set


Fitness enthusiasts do jumping jacks for our muscle essential oil blends.  Included in this set is our AromaFree lotion along with our popular Muscle Comfort Essential Oil Blend and a set of essential oil samples useful for blending.

  • AromaFree Lotion - Offers carefully selected plant-based ingredients and the luxurious aroma of genuine essential oils. It spreads easily and absorbs fast, providing nourishment.  Aromaland natural hand and body lotion soothes dry or sensitive skin and adds plenty of moisture to keep the skin supple, healthy and youthful. It is thoughtfully formulated with carrier oils and quality plant extracts to restores skin's natural balance for radiant health.
  • Muscle Comfort Essential Oil Blend -Ease muscle and joint aches and pains.  This soothing essential oil blend can be combined with an Aromaland carrier oils or unscented massage bases to help provide relief. Contains Essential Oils of Rosemary, Orange California, Grapefruit, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Peppermint Pulegone-free, and Camphor. 
  • Essential Oil Samples - Includes Engergizing Mint Blend, Muscle Cool Blend, Muscle Warm Blend, Relaxing Blend, and Toning Blend.

To use: Combine 1 ounce of AromaFree Lotion with 12 drops of essential oil.  Some essential oils may be contraindicated with certain medical conditions.  Consult with your doctor if you have any questions before use.