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Rainforest Botanicals® Grapeseed Oil 4 oz.

Rainforest Botanicals Grapeseed Oil 4 oz.


Grapeseed oil (Vitis vinifera) - Extracted from grapeseeds after the juicing of the fruit, grapeseed oil has a slightly green hue. It offers an extraordinarily high content of linoleic acid (an omega 6 essential fatty acid), and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of plant fatty acids.

Exceptionally fine and light, this odorless oil penetrates quickly and absorbs easily.

Grapeseed oil is great for body and massage oils and works well for all skin types.  It may also offer toning action to help firm skin tissue. Plus, its astringent qualities can be beneficial for oily skin.

Composition of Grapeseed Oil:

  • Linoleic Acid 69-78%
  • Oleic Acid 15-20%
  • Palmitic Acid 5.9-7.5%
  • Stearic Acid 2.4-4%
  • Alpha-linolenic Acid 0.3-1%
  • Palmitoleic Acid 0.5-0.7%
  • Vitamin E 14 IU (International Units)

Quoted from S. Parker, A study of lipids. Proportions may vary due to the plant-based nature of the product.