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Aroma Mist 80ml. - Evergreen

Aromaland Evergreen Aroma Mist

$6.99 - $37.00

A natural aroma mist with pure essential oils is blended in a convenient mister to spray aromatherapy into the air.  This forest  blend adds an evergreen scent to the air reminiscent of hiking in the deep woods.

Spruce, pine, and fir needle essential oils are blended in this rejuvinating and beloved scent.  

Makes a great gift!  The bottle has the message of Happy Holidays in over a dozen languages on the label.

-Pure essential oils 
-Easy to use room mist aromatherapy
-Great gift idea with classic Christmas tree

-80ml 2.67 oz in recyclable packaging

Ingredients: A blend of essential oils in purified water.