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Aroma Mist 80ml - Angel

Aromaland Angel Aroma Mist

$6.99 - $37.00

A natural aroma mist with pure essential oils is blended in a convenient mister to spray aromatherapy into the air.  This beautifully designed blend refreshes and energizes any room with a relaxing sweetness.

A delightful blend of essential oils includes:  grapefruit, lemon, and lime along with exquisite flowers of jasmine and ylang ylang and some grounding with cedarwood.

Makes a great gift!  The bottle has a lasting impression with a classic cherubic Angel gracing the label.

-Pure essential oils 
-Easy to use room mist aromatherapy
-Great gift idea with classic cherubic Angel
-80ml 2.67 oz in recyclable packaging

Ingredients: A blend of essential oils in purified water