What is the difference between a broad-spectrum CBD and a CBD isolate?

What is the difference between a broad-spectrum CBD and a CBD isolate?

Posted by Kathy Sadowski, MS, RA, LMT on on Sep 13th 2021


There are a handful of key factors to consider when choosing the best CBD product. For starters, you want to make sure the CBD has been carefully extracted from quality hemp plants. Further, is the natural product free from harsh chemicals?

It is also important to know if you are dealing with a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate.

  • A full-spectrum extraction is the least processed form of CBD and includes THC.
  • A broad-spectrum extraction includes a range of valuable hemp components, with a regulated amount of THC that maybe nondetectable.
  • An isolate only contains one isolated constituent: the CBD.

Broad-spectrum and isolate products are most common.

Broad spectrum and isolate varieties of CBD are more commonly available than the full-spectrum variety. 

  • A broad-spectrum CBD includes a beneficial range of cannabinoids. This can include a small amount of THC (usually below 0.3%), plus other non-THC cannabinoids, and healthful terpenes (aromatic essential oils), vitamins, and nutrients.
  • A CBD isolate contains just the CBD cannabinoid, without THC or other cannabinoids, and no terpenes or other components. Its extraction is simply 99% CBD.

What is a cannabinoid?

There are over 100 different types of cannabinoids found in hemp with health benefits. The CBD and THC cannabinoids are most known and most heavily researched.

Cannabinoids interact with nerve receptors found in our nervous system to benefit our body in a variety of ways. THC is associated with the psychoactive effect of “getting high,” while CBD offers a range of health benefits without causing a “high.”

Did you know…a low dose of CBD may have a mildly stimulating effect, while higher doses tend to cause a more relaxing effect.

Which type of CBD extraction should I choose?

Now that you are aware of the different extraction methods of CBD, you may be wondering which one is best for you. Here are a few pointers to consider.

  • An isolate is typically a more affordable price.
  • A broad spectrum may offer more robust therapeutic benefits with a synergizing entourage effect of the additional hemp components.
  • An isolate has practically no THC while a broad spectrum could have a small amount.
  • A broad-spectrum product will likely maintain more aromas and flavors that are found in the hemp plant, while an isolate has no taste or scent. Note: some hemp flavors and aromas may not be enjoyable.

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