Posted by Kathy Sadowski on on Nov 15th 2021

Next week is Thanksgiving! What a great time to think about the things for which we are thankful.

One thing that I am grateful for are the amazing plants that grace our lovely planet.

Plants quietly growing up from the ground,

producing vibrant benefits, reverberantly profound!

Be it a tree, blossom, seed, or root.

Leaf, bark, resin, or fruit.

Mother Earth’s Magic: Give a seed water, sun, & fresh air.

It will grow a vitality to bountifully share.

The Glory of Harvest Time! Dry, cook, distill, or infuse.

Many methods from which to choose.

Herbs or Spice: As a therapy or to add flavor; either will suffice!

Essential Oil & or a Salve: Equally handy to have.

Growing from our Blessed Earth: many varieties; a wealth of worth!

Potpourri & Tea: Both will incent the room with jubilee.

From the floral bouquet of a lavender sachet,

To the razzle dazzle, we feel from eating fresh basil.

Or, here’s a hint: Got bad breath, eat some mint!

Want to stay calm, brew some tea with lemon balm.

Or, I do suppose, you could sniff a rose!

Plant remedies have been carried from generation to generation.

Through history, our good health thrives with our lovely planet’s vegetation!