Five Benefits of Taking a Warm Salt Bath

Five Benefits of Taking a Warm Salt Bath

Posted by Kathy Sadowski on on Oct 18th 2021

Hydrotherapy (or water therapy) has been around for centuries, written about in texts from ancient Greek and Chinese cultures.

Soaking in a warm salt bath is great for both your mental and physical health! In addition to helping with relaxation and sleep, a warm salt bath can be beneficial for your skin, detoxifying, and may even help to relieve your aching muscles and joints. And, on a chilly night, a warm bath is a great way for you to heat up!

Take a warm bath to relax.

Soaking in a soothing bath has a way of melting away the stress. Research has shown that a 30-minute bath in nice warm water helps to reduce anxiety and depression by reducing stress hormones such as cortisol (1).

Warm water bathing can also increase serotonin levels, which is a mood-moderating chemical produced by the brain that helps you feel happy (2).

Plus, peoples’ brain waves have shown to move into a state of relaxation while soaking toasty-warm water (3). Further, a short warm bath can increase blood flow while reducing anxiety (4).

What a great time to meditate!

A warm salt bath can help you detoxify.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ of absorption. When you take a salt bath, valuable minerals from the salt are absorbed into your body. Salt (especially Epsom salt) helps gets your digestive tract moving because the magnesium encourages bowel muscle contraction.

Plus, when you take a warm bath, your pores open and your body sweats, which are important form of excreting waste thru the skin. Did you know, most people sweat more when they take a bath than they do when they exercise (5)?

Sea salt is high in sodium and chloride, two  valuable minerals to your system. There are also many more minerals and trace elements in sea salt that offer can offer you amazing health benefits.

Salt baths may relieve aching muscles.

Warming your tissue helps to relieve tension. It increased blood flow and elasticity of your muscles, tendons, and fascia, which can alleviate some muscle stiffness and pain (4).

Meanwhile, sea salts and Epsom salts can help reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system, and its perception of pain (6).

Bath salts give you glowing skin.

Taking a bath is deep cleansing, helping to remove dead skin cells. Plus, a bath boosts circulation to your skin, improving skin cell regeneration. Salt rich in magnesium is good for nourishing skin, improving hydration and texture. Plus, salt is generally a good disinfectant and for minor skin abrasions (9).

Further, taking a bath is a great way to hydrate the skin and body in all aspects!

Take a bath to get warm!

Do you ever feel so cold, not even a warm blanket can take the edge off? A long warm bath can deeply warm your body. It increases blood flow as your heart beats faster, like a healthy workout. Improved circulation warms you from the core to the extremities as the blood flows oxygen and nutrient rich fluid throughout your body for optimal health!

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Note: Please consult with your doctor if a warm salt bath is right for you if you have pre-existing health conditions.


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