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About Us

The leading Aromatherapy Company
Aromaland is a leading source for quality Aromatherapy & Body Care Products. We offer one of the largest selections of Aromatherapy products in the world in both branded consumer sizes, as well as a huge selection of bulk sizes. Whether you are simply looking for an exotic Essential Oil for yourself, or bulk unscented shampoo you can find it all at Aromaland.com. We strive to offer only the best quality available, and provide you with excellent service. If you are not satisfied with any of our products simply return them for a full refund. Please see our return policy for more information.

Since 1986 Aromaland has been delivering exquisite natural products to our customers.

Aromaland has played a significant role in the new American aromatherapy industry. Over the last 35 years the company expanded into personal care products featuring essential oils and essential oil blends.Natural personal care products require special chemistry expertise and the very best raw materials. These materials and expertise are combined with state of the art engineered blending and homogenizing vessels to create luxurious lotions, soaps, creams and other base mediums. In 2015 customers began inquiring whether we could add CBD from hemp to our topicals. Thus, Essence of Well Being® was formed to feature our premium line of CBD topicals, followed by CBD supplements and CBD edibles, including CBD candies and gummies.
There can be no greater mission than to play a significant role in creating happiness, joy and peace. Our hemp products contain important molecules that can transform the way you feel.CBD along with native terpenes and other cannabinoids will assist your most basic nervous system communication flow CBD enhances your natural “bliss” molecule called anandamide.The result is a balanced nervous system working in harmony with all other human systems. The result is a peaceful state of being .
Our Mission
Our Mission is to play a vital part in helping individuals and society to achieve optimum wellness, happiness, joy and peace.
TherThere is no greater mission than to play a significant role in creating happiness, joy and peace. We take our mission seriously and do all we can to help our communities through our manufacturing process, our products and our social responsiblity.
Our Manufacturing
Our 35,000 square foot facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA features state of the art blending and homogenization technology.
We excel at creating natural plant based tropical products that are quickly and easily absorbed. We craft all our bases in house using only the most premium plant based ingredients. That way we can offer you our customers only the best products to bring greater happiness, joy, peace and beauty.
Our People
We are lucky to employ a wide diversity of talent. There is a reason the place we call home is referred to as the "City Different".
Our diverse workforce and management is made up of talented women and men. Our age diversity spans from 18 years old to over 80. We employ the disabled, all ethnicities and peoples of all kinds. Aromaland "The Company Different".