Soap - Lavender

Bar Soap Jasmine & Clementine

$4.40 - $23.76
The future is here - rich, nourishing Aromatherapy glycerin soap with Sheabutter and Vitamin E - at a fraction of the cost you'd expect! Non-drying, moisturizing formula; rich skin nourishment; gentle, long-lasting lather; attractive transparent hues made without synthetic dyes. Scented and enhanced with Jasmine & Clementine - in harmony with other beneficial Essential Oils - this synergy provides a complete Aromatherapy experience.

Feature Highlights:

  • Rich vegetable glycerin base with Sheabutter and Vitamin E, scented and enhanced with an exclusive blend of pure Essential Oils of Jasmine, Clementine & Rose.
  • Natural Ingredients.
  • Moisturizing Aromatherapy formula.
  • Long-lasting 4oz. size.

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