Sesame Oil 240ml.(8oz.)

Sesame Oil 240ml.(8oz.)

$11.98 - $54.25

A light, yet rich oil, Sesame Oil is very stable with a long shelf life. This is partly because it contains natural anti-oxidants, namely sesamoline, sesamine and sesamol. It is a food staple in Asia, and known throughout the world as an important part of Tahini and Halva. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Sesame is a thick oil yet known to be a good choice for all skin types. It is used in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations, especially to balance, and is said to be rejuvenating and very skin healing.



It is a wonderful massage oil that penetrates the skin easily, and provides highly nourishing care. Some say that Sesame is one of the oils with the highest UV protection, but final products would have to be clinically tested to make any such claims.



  • Linoleic Acid 35-50%
  • Oleic Acid 35-50%
  • Palmitic Acid 7-12%
  • Stearic Acid 3.5-6%
  • Unsaponifiable 5-10%


Disclaimer: Proportions may vary due to the plant-based nature of the product. Aromaland offers the refined version that does not have the strong scent of the unrefined Sesame Oil. However, a slight Sesame flavor can be detected.

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