Aromatherapy Room Spray - Personal Defense 80ml

Bulk Aromatherapy Room Spray - Personal Defense 80ml (12 pack)

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It's the little things that count and can make all the difference. Experience Nature with our natural Room Sprays. Each Room Spray is concentrated with specially formulated blends of Pure Essential Oils. These fragrant aromas are packaged in a smart and convenient aluminum container with a controlled mister. They are perfect for use in home, office, hotel room, closet,or any space you wish to refresh with pure aromatherapy and natural scents.

Protect yourself from pollutants and unpleasant smells with the power of Pure Essential Oils. Make your space clean and clear. Contains: Cajeput, Lavendin, Clove Bud, Niaouli, Thyme, Allspice.

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